Ruthless specialist in the mixture of styles, inveterate player of puns, creator of impossible rhythms and dances, alchemist of melodies, tireless seeker, eternal apprentice.

Creator of what he himself has baptized as «Canción Mestiza»; risky, fun, close, dancing and eclectic fusion of musical styles, and fine and careful work in the creation of lyrics.

A complex balance, sometimes difficult; always elegant

His work makes permanent references to the rhythms and languages ​​of diverse roots and regions of the planet; Afro, Latin American, Brazilian, Moorish, Reggae, Funk, Swing… and always Jazz as philosophy and basic reference.

The lyrics are nothing more than the inexhaustible poetry of everyday life, collected from life itself, from being attentive to what happens and passing it through the most personal sieve, pampering the rhyme, taking care of the sound, listening to the silence…

A colorful personal universe where anything can happen
and nothing goes unnoticed

Mestís is a project in which four other musicians from the most current Alicante scene participate.

Francesco Severino, Carlos Porcel, Benjamín Marpegán and Juanlu Mas.

It was formed at the end of 2019 in order to ​​offer the songs created by Claudio H. a new air, with a different texture and color and, above all, to give them the always luminous spark of collective creation.

Now releasing new album «Los buenos ganan». Just click in the picture, get in touch and get the album

The concept is based on four fundamental pillars… A solid rhythmic section, dancing and sophisticated at the same time. The wind section, with a characteristic and particular sound. Melody, harmony and arrangements worked and always surprising. And finally and fundamentally; the poetry of a carefully made lyrics to get inside who listens… A fifth could be added; the always fun and healthy atmosphere on stage at each concert.

The research work is permanent. All the ideas that come out in the rehearsals are tested, played, discussed…

This is how a result is distilled that is always fresh and at the same time elaborated

In its relatively short history, this project has already gone through several stages, some of some relevance,. Now we are on the way to make it grow and take it everywhere, always offering the best and getting more and more people enjoy what we do.

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